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I am a technologist with training in computer science, business, and health economics. I love product strategy and business development work, especially when I’m able to apply technology in a meaningful way. I believe that successes are built on 1/3 intuition, 1/3 hard work, & 1/3 luck.

I got my start in tech at 19, as a systems engineer for one of the first Internet conferencing services in the 90s. Since then, I’ve architected application infrastructures and managed 24×7 operations for both dotcoms and enterprises. The most memorable work experience came from being part of the team that scaled the web infrastructure for the World Health Organization (WHO) to support the 20X growth of web traffic during the SARS epidemic.

In addition to having spent time in non-governmental organizations, I have worked for startups (PictureTalk, E-Centives, & Tradeshift) as well as multi-nationals (Cisco, Riverbed). I most recently co-founded Blumio, a medical devices startup building a wearable sensor that can measure blood pressure without the use of an inflatable cuff. The successful commercialization of the technology will open a brand-new window into our understanding of cardiovascular health.

I am also passionate about wine - both drinking and learning of it. Following my desire to have system that can recommend wines I might like, I created Corkbin which became part of Hello Vino wine recommendation app. Everything I learned in taking a mobile app to market has now been documented in a book titled “The Evolution and Dynamics of the Mobile App Economy: Strategies for Innovating and Marketing Mobile Apps”.

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I subscribe to the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Feel free to connect with me during office hour if my experiences can be leveraged to support you along your journey.