After stints in Geneva (2003-4) and London (2010-13), I’ve been staying put back in San Francisco. My commute to London (school) & continental Europe (work) is currently paused at the moment while my partner & I do our part to shelter in place.


Right now I lead an amazing team of engineers who are building a revolutionary sensor that can measure blood pressure without relying on the use of a cuff. Developing a physiological sensor from scratch is quite an undertaking. You can learn more about the science behind our approach here.

Aligned with my work, I’m currently pursuing an Excutive MSc in Health Economics with a focus on Cardiovascular Sciences from London School of Economics. What that means is that I’m reading a lot about healthcare systems and writing about them.


My rides have been mostly indoor & virtual. Unfortunately I’m behind of my yearly mileage goal this year. That being said, I love being able to get a solid workout in just 30 minutes.

Last updated: May 1, 2020